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"Gregory Kirk," by Yorgos KC

(YA) Gay (M/M) Romance

My review this week is going to be a little different, as it’s on a story available on WattPad rather than a published book. The author reached out to me for a fair and honest review and seeing as how the subject matter and characters were so wonderfully diverse—something I truly believe is not seen enough in modern day literature—I was more than happy to dive in and read.

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"Perfect Day," by Sally Malcolm

Contemporary Gay (M/M) Romance

Well, this week’s read was a downright pleasure, folks. It wasn’t what I was expecting going in, yet I came out the other side thoroughly sated and filled with all the happiest of little sighs. Perfect Day by Sally Malcolm is a gender-bending retell of the classic Persuasion by Jane Austen. And, oh my heart, what a sweet and wonderful twist on that tale it was.

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"Reporting In," by Vanessa North

Bisexual / Gay (M/M) Romance

Holy hamburgers, is it hot in here or is it just me? 🔥


Phew. Okay. Don’t mind me; I’m just a bit… breathless. This week’s read was definitely of the “high heat” variety, and all I can say is… gimme more! Hot dayyyum. Reporting In, by Vanessa North, is part of Carina Press’ delectable Dirty Bits line. They promise not only scintillating sex but also a *happy sigh* style HEA, all presented in bite-sized novellas that you can read in a couple of hours or less.

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"Home Skillet," by Cate Ashwood & Sandra Damien

gay (m/M) romance

This was a pleasure read that truly ended up being just that: a total delight. In fact, I downloaded this bad boy on my Kindle with the goal of reading a chapter here and there when I had the time. Next thing I knew, late morning had turned into early evening and I had devoured the whole thing. In one sitting. Yeah, Home Skillet by Cate Ashwood & Sandra Damien is one of those books. The kind you get sucked into and forget to eat, or sleep, or relieve your bladder.

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"Like Two Opposite Things," by Eda J. Vor

(YA) Bisexual / lesbian Romance

Like Two Opposite Things, written by Eda J. Vor is a wonderful read. Of all the YA I’ve encountered over the years, I can honestly proclaim that this, right here, is the most genuine piece I’ve read—and despite my mild personal aversion to it, I’ve read my fair share as a beta and/or in mild hopes of finding a diamond in the rough.

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