"Mad for You in Madrid," by Stacy Hoff

New Adult (NA) Contemporary Romance

Mad for You in Madrid by Stacy Hoff is book three in the Building Love Series, but it’s the first of her work I’ve read. I won’t lie, after finishing this, I’m definitely curious what the rest of the series has in store!

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Totally Judging: Guest Blogger Meka James Talks Book Covers

Hey folks, Meka James here. Evie decided to take a gamble and let me do a guest spot on her blog. I don’t normally do “opinion” pieces and I’m not in the habit of sharing “advice” and things of that nature, but this topic is one that is near and dear to my heart.

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"Slower," by Deana Birch

Contemporary Rockstar Romance

This week’s read is a special one, as it’s the first time I’ll be covering a second book for an author I’ve already done a review for. In fact, it’s extra, doubly special because said author, and said book, just happen to be my very first book review on this blog! Faster, by Deana Birch, the first book in this rockstar romance duology, was a phenomenal read… and Slower, the conclusion to the series, didn’t disappoint.

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Go Ahead, Take the Plunge: Writing Outside Your Comfort Zone

If you’re anything like me, you have a certain genre where your little writerly heart sings. Sure, different ideas pop into my head from time to time that fall outside that genre, but there’s usually a little something that ties it back to my comfort zone.

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"Not Broken," by Meka James

Contemporary Romance

Whether you’ve read Ms. James’ debut novel, Fiendish, or not, Not Broken is a much-needed light in the darkness. It stands alone beautifully, but for those of us who experienced Fiendish first hand, it is a balm for the ravaged soul. Ms. James is a masterful storyteller, weaving a gripping tale surrounding the hardships of finding oneself in the wake of an abusive relationship, learning to trust again, and discovering strength in the power of love.

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Writing Contests: A Gamble Worth Taking

I’ve been floating in the #amediting limbo. For years.


But that’s all changed. And, why, you may ask? Well, that’s simple. One thing, above all others, has escalated and moved my #amwriting world forward by leaps and bounds. And that, as I’m sure you’ve guessed by the title of this blog, is writing contests.

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"Magic Remembered," by Coralie Moss

Urban Fantasy / Romance

Okay, guys, this week’s review strays from my standard fare a bit but trust me, it’s worth the divergence. Magic Remembered by Coralie Moss is an urban fantasy with a side of slow burn, seasoned romance.

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CNTL F Editing: Filter Words

There are many stages I go through when self-editing a manuscript. I plan to do some more detailed posts on those later. For now, I’m focusing on one of the final stages I lovingly refer to as “CNTL F Editing.” For simplicity’s sake, I’m going to further break this stage into a few different posts.

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"The Wolf at Bay," by Charlie Adhara

Paranormal Gay (M/M) Romance

Carina Press’ The Wolf at Bay, by Charlie Adhara, sucked me in so hard I nearly forgot to pee. Actually, I think I did. I vaguely remember thinking somewhere around the middle that my bladder was angry, but I didn’t pry my butt outta bed until I hit “The End” several hours later. Reading can be a cruel mistress.

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