"Faster," by Deana Birch


Romance, Women's Fiction

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Purchase Links: Amazon

Come one, come all! It’s time for my first ever book review! Okay, not “first ever.” Trust and believe; I’m no book review virgin. But, first on the new blog, so it gets some extra razzle dazzle. Please, sit back, snag a bag o’ Pop Secret (or your brand of choice), and enjoy! 


Book Blurb

After a quick but memorable fling, Louana Higgins leaves the drummer for The Spades exactly where he belongs: a tour bus. The junior producer knows she's dodged a bullet. Because, despite his melt-your-heart chocolate eyes and rising fame, Jake Riley is not boyfriend material. And those messages he sends in the middle of the night get filed under, "drunk text, best to ignore," without delay.

Twelve grueling years of paying dues has finally resulted in a hit song for Jake. But, knowing the new zeroes in his bank account come with as many ways to blow it, he craves stability. So, stocked with an arsenal of charm, and a reminder of what happened against her front door, he persuades Louana to see him again the next time he's in town. Now, certain he's found the calm to his storm, he asks her for the previously unthinkable-monogamy.

Hesitant but smitten, Louana agrees. And as if long distance and groupies aren't high enough hurdles, Louana's new beau also comes with a malicious lead singer. Having lost his favorite partner-in-crime, the front man is ready to tear the couple apart by revealing a secret from Jake's not so distant past. Unable to discuss it with Jake for fear his bandmate's betrayal would mean the demise of his flourishing career, Louana must now decide if she can live with Jake and his secret or leave the rock star she loves.


My Review

First and foremost, let’s talk basics. Faster, written by Deana Birch, is listed as both romance and women’s fiction, but at its heart, it’s a steamy, dreamy, page-turning rock star romance.


Louana Higgins, our bold and beautiful leading lady, knows enough about the music industry as an up-and-coming producer for a film composer that she avoids mucking up her private life with flings that involve cocky, bull-headed musicians. That is, until Jake Riley—drummer and number-one-hit-writer for the talented and rising rock band, The Spades—struts into her perfectly ordered world and proves not all rockers fit the same mold.


While the general plot itself fits the rock star romance trope, the meat and potatoes of the story strays quite a bit from what one might anticipate, which is part of what makes this such a fantastic read. Neither Louana nor Jake follow a predictable path, and their personalities are not only unique, but highly unexpected.


Louana is a strong, independent female who has already been there, done that with the famous boyfriend cliché. Jake’s fame, fortune, and bigger-than-life persona mean little to her, and she is hilariously—and adorably—unimpressed by it all. Something Jake enjoys almost as much as her scrumptious cooking and big, soft, non-tour-bus bed.


Jake, on the other hand, isn’t your stereotypical rock hero with the snarky arrogance and holier-than-thou ‘tude. He’s down-to-earth, relatable, and looking more for normalcy than the glitz and glamour his ever-expanding career guarantees.


When you lump these two together, not only do you get some smokin’ hot sex—I’m talkin’ have a SO or a BOB on hand ‘cause you’re gonna need some relief kinda smokin’ hot—but also some sweet, delightful interactions that are positively swoon-worthy and addicting.


I won’t delve any further into the plot because any more detail and I risk ruining the surprise! Again, I remind you: this book doesn’t follow in the footsteps of its ancestors. There are some wonderfully unexpected offshoots that make Faster its very own thing, far removed from the typical rock star romance, but in the most brilliant way.


Overall, this was a great summer read. It was fast-paced and fun, yet kept me guessing and, yes, on occasion, yelling at the characters as the story progressed. I’m a personal fan of stories and characters that inspire a true emotional reaction—whether it be tears of joy or sorrow; screams wrought from anguish or fury; or laughter borne from pure idiocy or intended humor.


And let me just say this, folks… Deana Birch drew some heavy reactions from this gal. At one point, my hubs had to take my coffee away because I was sloshing it about in a fit-to-be-tied rage. He was afraid I’d short circuit my Kindle, and he’s already had to replace one this year following a similar coffee-spilling incident. That one may or may not have also been the result of my notably over-the-top reactions.


What can I say? I love to read, especially when the words inspire passionate emotions that require full-body involvement… and shouty caps. Ask any of my critique partners. I’m famous for my shouty caps while making in-line comments. I always tell ‘em… if your words warranted Evie Shouty Caps, then they’re amazeballs. End. Of. Story.


And Faster? It definitely got some shouty caps.


So, what are you waiting for? Faster is available for pre-order or can be purchased for immediate enjoyment on or after its release date, June 26th, 2018!


Until next time,

E 💕