"Anything Once," by Meka James

Contemporary Interracial & Erotic Romance

Purchase Links:  Amazon

Purchase Links: Amazon

Book Blurb

Quinn has been happily married for ten years. Her relationship with Ian is built on love, trust, and honesty. At least that's what she thought...until a four-letter word changed everything.


After finding her husband alone in a rather awkward situation, Quinn starts to question her beliefs about their marriage. 

While they've always had a healthy sex life, it was far from adventurous. She loves her husband, and he loves her, but the revelation allows worries to mount, and insecurities to grow. 

After having a candid conversation with Ian, Quinn realizes that it all boils down to one very important question.

Is she willing to try anything once?

The answer is...yes.

My Review

This week’s review finds us delving into an established romance written by one of my favorite erotic authors, Meka James. Anything Once, from Limitless Publishing, is a tasty look into the life of a married couple facing real life problems… and hot, sizzlin’ sexual explorations. As always, Ms. James delivers with her erotic scenes, and leaves you swoony-sighing over her romance.

I’ve always been a fan of the characters Ms. James produces. They’re three-dimensional, realistic, flawed, and full of unique voice and personalities. With Anything Once, she continues this trend. Quinn and Ian are deep, wonderful characters who you latch onto and cheer on throughout the entire novel. You fan yourself over their hubba-hubba sex scenes, and tear up when they’re facing demons I wouldn’t wish on any couple. (Which, I should mention, is something Ms. James wishes everyone to be aware of going in… this book touches on the subject of infertility and the many ways it can affect a loving relationship. If this is a trigger for you, please go in prepared. She doesn’t treat it poorly, but it is a major plot point with ample page time.)

Overall, the tone of this novel, despite the heavy-hitting infertility subplot, is light-hearted and sexy. It’s a wonderful read if you’re feeling like something frisky and fun! I’d recommend this to any contemporary romance reader who isn’t afraid of erotic delight and can stomach a side of serious, heart-wrenching infertility battles.

So, what are you waiting for? Anything Once is available for your immediate reading enjoyment. It’s also available on Kindle Unlimited! 😘

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