"Lost in Paradise," by Rachel Lacey


F/F Contemporary Romance

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Book Blurb

When a Manhattan businesswoman and a reclusive French artist are stranded together on a deserted island, opposites attract...and sparks fly. But with love shimmering on the horizon, will they survive to claim their happy ending?

Nicole Morella boards a private Mediterranean cruise with one goal: to reclaim herself after her divorce. When she sits next to a beautiful blonde in the ship’s lounge, she’s knocked off balance by the immediate attraction between them, and it’s not just because Nicole hasn’t found her sea legs yet. Fiona stirs things in Nicole that haven’t been stirred in a long time, but a fiery kiss turns dangerous when the ship is hijacked. The women launch a daring escape, leaving them adrift in an empty lifeboat.

Fiona Boone has been adrift most of her life, but never in such a literal sense. She’s a survivor, though, so when they land on a deserted island, Fiona’s ready to do whatever it takes to stay alive until they’re rescued. In the meantime, she can’t get enough of the feisty woman she’s stranded with, despite her usual fiercely independent nature. Although they’re lost, Fiona finds something unexpected in the comfort of Nicole’s touch. But when an injury puts her life in jeopardy, they begin to worry help won’t arrive in time. If she survives their ordeal, Fiona might just face her biggest challenge yet: falling in love.

My Review

Okay, my lovelies, this week’s read found me lost at sea and riding high on adventure, lust, and some super awesome characterization! Lost in Paradise, by Rachel Lacey, is a kick-butt lesbian contemporary romance that jacks up the heat… both literally and metaphorically. 🔥

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I dove into this book, but it wasn’t the plain Jane contemporary I’d envisioned. And thank goodness for it! This story is jam-packed with beautiful writing, vivid descriptions, and fantastic scenery. It also starts out with a, “Holy cow, did that just happen?!” and ends with a, “OMGsh, that just happened!” Seriously, it rocked my happy little boat from page one.

Our main characters find themselves “shipwrecked” (of sorts, but I truly don’t want to say any more because going into the beginning of this book blind is one of the best decisions I’ve made in recent memory!) Anywho, they’re stranded on an island… and it’s frickin’ Hot. With a capital H. And I don’t just mean the temperature.

The chemistry between Fiona and Nicole is off the charts, and the imagery their surroundings and adversities supply? Gorgeous. Trust me.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves lesbian romance, especially of the sizzling variety. It would also appeal to readers who enjoy a little adventure with their romance, because… yeah. That beginning. It definitely starts off with a bang!

So, what are you waiting for? Lost in Paradise is available for your immediate reading enjoyment!

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