"Love Done Write," by Amelia Foster


Erotic Romance

Purchase Links:  Amazon ,  Barnes & Noble , or direct from the publisher,  Evernight Publishing .

Purchase Links: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or direct from the publisher, Evernight Publishing.

Book Blurb

Reading every new book by H.R. Reve consumes twenty-four-year-old stylist Sydney Bordelon’s free time. After the latest installment, her inebriated self thinks emailing him—hiding behind username RedLace24—detailing the effect of his words on her libido is a good idea. 

Being a forty-two-year-old English professor at a private university and writing erotica makes Harrison Winslow guard his identity closely, never interacting with fans. Until RedLace24. 

Flirtatious emails and steamy sexting culminate in a weekend of hedonistic sex and surprising intimacy. Harrison struggles to keep the truth from Red, especially when she discloses her name and opens up to him, revealing that she’s an aspiring author. 

When fate intervenes and his truth is exposed, Harrison must channel the romance of his alter ego if wants to retain the woman who excites his body and challenges his mind. 

My Review

Happy Monday, my lovelies! Welcome to the newest change to my blog… Off Schedule, Off Theme Reviews! While nothing makes me happier than to promote and boost my LGBTQ+ writing community, I’ve realized my new focus has resulted in an inability to support authors I adore who aren’t part of the LGBTQ+ community. Therefore, I’m going to be doing Monday posts on a non-regular basis for authors and books that don’t fit my LGBTQ+ theme but totally deserve some love!

To kick off the new segment, I’m doing a review for my absolute favorite author in all the world… who also happens to be my BFF, alpha reader, and an all-around amazing human being. Love Done Write by Amelia Foster—published by Evernight Publishing—is a smoldering erotic romance novella that hits every sweet, steamy note.

As a writer myself (I know, duh) who thoroughly enjoys erotic romance, it was a treat to find myself in the head of someone just like me. Sure, Sydney isn’t exactly like me—try about ten years younger, for starters—but her portrayal is so genuine and honest, I empathized with her right from the start. I felt all her uncertainties, fears, joys, and excitements like they were my own. Enter into the picture the undeniably studly Harrison and things just get better and better.

As this is a novella, and an erotic romance, it follows a standard plot arc. However, how Ms. Foster goes about depicting that arc is fresh and unique. She utilizes tropes—such as May/December romance—to the ultimate degree, the pacing is perfect, and the chemistry of her leads practically leaps off the page.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys steamy heterosexual romance. It’s a quick, tantalizing read that’ll have you fanning yourself at its conclusion.

So, what are you waiting for? Love Done Write is available for your immediate reading enjoyment.

Until next time,