"Echoes," by L. A. Ashton


Paranormal Gay (M/M) Romance

Book Blurb

After one thousand years of listless eternity, Oskar is used to his particular brand of loneliness. But a long walk through Middle America and a few chance encounters will lead him straight to a man he’d known to be long since dead―his childhood best friend, Aranck.

Being undead hasn’t stopped Aran from living life to the fullest. He has all the money and power his charm and business savvy could earn him, and plenty of friends. Lately, though, something seems to be missing. After a millennium, perhaps the world’s shine has worn off—and that’s when Oskar stumbles back into his life, reminding him of who he used to be.

Together the two vampires remember what it felt like to live, all the while navigating a conflict with the local pack of werewolves. A lot has changed in a thousand years, and only time will tell if those changes will bring Oskar and Aranck closer together, or ensure they remain apart.

My Review

After reading and reviewing L. A. Ashton’s Valhalla, released from NineStar Press back in December 2018, I practically tripped over my own two readerly feet to get my hands on this author’s full-length novel, Echoes. I preordered it and it sat taunting me in my Kindle until I bit the proverbial bullet and just made time to read. Did I have it to spare on this particular weekend? Nope. Do I care one iota that I lost sleep to read it? Heck to the no.

Just as with Valhalla, this author blew me away with their inexplicable ability to harness the writing craft to turn simple words into a magical experience. I got sucked into this mythical world of paranormal creatures right off the bat, practically flying through the pages because I just had to see what came next.

I fell hard for our lead vamps, Oskar and Aran. They have such beautifully realistic minds, and the bond they share—one that stretches over a millennium—is unquestionable and heartwarming. Nothing about this felt rushed, and that moment when they finally come together is so frickin’ gorgeous (and hot… oh, yes, my lovelies… it’s very, very hot🔥 ) that my little readerly heart melted even as its rate increased to uncontrollable speeds.

Oh, and then there was that gloriously wicked twist near the end. Holy guacamole! Trust and believe, my lovelies, you will not see it coming. I was squeezing my Kindle so hard I’m surprised the screen didn’t break. I couldn’t devour the words fast enough. I was like a druggie trying to get a fix… and what a fix it was. 😍

I would highly recommend this bad boy to any and all paranormal lovers, most especially those down for some awesome LGBTQ+ rep. It’s also a phenomenal semi-slow burn romance with an insanely satisfying incineration at its climax. 🔥😁 So, ya know, anyone who loves love and loves hot, sexy yumminess would also be prime candidates to dive into this awesomeness.

So, what are you waiting for? Echoes is available now for your immediate reading pleasure! (And so is Valhallaa vivid and intense historical fantasy/romance novella that is absolutely worth your time!)

Until next time,