"Luca's Lessons," by Deana Birch & Amelia Foster


Contemporary Erotic Romance

Book Blurb

An Italian Dom guides a Swiss banker through the world of BDSM and she threatens his most important rule.

Sparked by curiosity and drawn by need, Swiss banker Claire asks Italian businessman Luca to introduce her to the D/s lifestyle. He agrees, as long as she abides by his number one rule of not falling in love. The two then embark on a slow, complete and realistic path of liberating Claire’s true submissive nature.

But as their lessons progress, blurred lines morph into a child’s scribbled drawing when feelings creep into their playtime. And with new emotions bubbling under the surface, Luca questions Claire’s hard no. She calls “red” and walks away, leaving the Dom sure he’s lost the one sub who finally saw his true desire to be cared for.

Now, certain she’s broken his only rule and torn by thoughts of betraying her dead husband, Claire must decide between exploring the love she’s found or locking away her heart with the ghosts of her past.

My Review

I had the pleasure of reading this book as a beta reader, as both the authors are dear friends. However, as I’ve mentioned before, don’t let that fact sway you into believing this review is anything but accurate and true. I’ve been fortunate enough to surround myself with writers of an unbelievable caliber. Together, we’ve all grown and built one another up into what I truly believe is an unstoppable force. Luca’s Lessons, by Deana Birch and Amelia Foster, is just one example of the awesome power of a strong writing group. 💕

Reading the polished, finished product of this story was such a jaw-dropping and heartwarming experience. I had the good fortune of witnessing the entire life and this project, from its start as a niggling seed of an idea to the exciting moment where Ms. Birch and Ms. Foster had to decide between a horde of competing presses all clamoring for the rights to publish this gem. Right from the get-go, when Luca and Claire were nothing more than a set of inspiration pictures and a swirling of ideas in these two lovely ladies heads, I fell hard for their story. It’s a genuine dive into the world of BDSM that proves love really does trump all.

But beyond the characters, whom I loved and adored, I’d be remiss to not mention the rich, gorgeous contemporary world these two brilliant writers created. As an American who has never ventured abroad—but who has always wished to—this intricate view into Switzerland’s wonderful landscape was awe-inspiring and delightful. And the sneak-peek into a members-only BDSM club was just as enjoyable.

Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who loves love and appreciates the true beauty of BDSM. Because, yes, there are stories out there that bastardize that world and give the members of that community an unfair and inaccurate portrayal. This aims at undoing some of the harm those stories might have caused and will leave you flushed and inexplicably happy. 🔥😁

So, what are you waiting for? Luca’s Lessons is available for your immediate reading pleasure!!

Until next time,