"Death On Line One," by T.K. Barber


paranormal romance

Book Blurb

On a scale of one to dead, Stephanie's date with the mysterious, uber-sexy Theo ends at a six--as in 'feet under.'

She's the country's premiere online matchmaker, but Stephanie's own love life is a disaster. So, when 'Death' phones her for a date, she knows her mom, a fading Hollywood starlet with bucket loads of free time, is taking yet another stab at her self-imposed spinster status. And the best way to get back at a meddling parent? Do the exact opposite of what her mom expects. Date on.

Greek primordial, Theo, is at breaking point. Loneliness and boredom are sorry bedfellows, and walking the newly departed to their final door drains him. Then he gets Stephanie's soul call. He's certain she'll have good advice for him before her time is up, but . . . she wants a date?

What follows is nothing short of mythical.

Sizzling chemistry, near-miss accidents, soul-changing travel, a magical gown, and a wine bar full of secrets: god-powers are at work for Steph, but her death is inescapable, sending Theo into a downward spiral that threatens reality itself.

But Stephanie's end is just the beginning . . . and it'll be her job to prove . . .

It's never too late for love.

* * * * * * *

Death On Line One is a modern day paranormal romance featuring primordials, gods, mythical monsters, and a quirky 35 year old heroine with a knack for fumbling, well, everything.

My Review

Holy guacamole, y’all. You wanna talk smashing debut? Look no further than Death on Line One by T.K. Barber. This book positively blew my readerly hair off, and in the best possible way. Not only is the title clever and on the nose in a delightfully unique way, but the story itself follows suit.

Barber has a way with words that’ll leave you yearning for more. And her skill with world-building—and playing off already established ideas in unique and wonderful ways—will leave you clamoring for the next in this contemporary mythology-inspired series. Plus, her characters are relatable and dreamy, and the supporting cast she’s created is to die for… no pun intended. 😂

I had so much fun with this read. Although the characters are inspired by mythological beings, the contemporary setting and fun modern twists are a total treat. Barber found some truly fantastical ways to use the present time to frame fabled lore. And some of the dialogue had me positively in stitches.

I would recommend this book whole-heartedly to anyone who loves romance, but certainly to anyone with a penchant for the paranormal. Barber’s twist on old favorites and skilled use of tropes will leave you breathless.

So, what are you waiting for? Death on Line One is available for pre-order or can be purchased for your immediate reading pleasure on or after its release date, August 1st, 2019!

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