LGBTQ+ #AmWriting Secret Santa: The 5 W's


🎄Happy Holidays, my lovelies!!🎁

You don't have to give your full name, but at least a first would be nice so your gift giver has someone to address their gift to! :)
Let us know what your preferred e-Reader is so we can let your Secret Santa know!
Give us a couple of genres you enjoy reading. (i.e. romance, SciFi, mystery, etc.) and if you have a preferred sexuality/gender identity for your MCs. Note if there's anything you REALLY don't want too! :) If you just want surprised with whatever your Secret Santa wants to gift you, just say so!! :)
Please let us know where you're located. We'll try to arrange the Secret Santas within regions to avoid issues with platforms. (i.e. Apparently U.S. Amazon accounts can't gift to outside countries, etc.)

If you’ve wandered your way over to this page, it’s likely because you caught wind of our super awesome LGBTQ+ #AmWriting Secret Santa!! It’s also likely you’re hoping to get a few more details. So, without further ado, let’s get this info gathering party started!

Oh, and FYI… there’s a TL:DR at the end if you just want the quick and dirty details. I know I can get long-winded. It’s one of my writerly flaws. 🤣



The lovely and brilliant Jess (@OverthinkerJess) approached me (@EvieDrae) about setting up a Secret Santa for our kick butt LGBTQ+ #amwriting community. I, without a moment’s pause, immediately fell in love with the idea. We decided to link the event with #writeLGBTQ / @writeLGBTQ in hopes of catching as many of you beautiful people as possible!


This event is open to ANY LGBTQ+ writer or reader. This means allies are also welcome! Whether you’re a published author, still slogging through the trenches, or have no interest in writing whatsoever but adore you some quiet reading time, this event is for YOU!


The goal here is to get as many LGBTQ+ writers and readers signed up as possible. Then Elfster, the Secret Santa generator we’re using to orchestrate this masterpiece, will randomly assign each of us a Secret Santa! Once you have your person, it will be your job to get on the online book retailer of your choice, choose an ebook to give, and select the “Give as Gift” option. Then, all you’ll have to do is enter the email address provided and whoosh! Your gift will be on its way!

Here’s the only “catch.” (If you so chose to call it that.) This gift exchange is all about LGBTQ+ writers and their stories. We want you to gift a book written by an LGBTQ+ writer or (at the very least) starring LGBTQ+ characters. The idea here is to get a little extra exposure for the wonderful stories written by and about our community. If you’re a published author, feel free to gift a book written by you, or pick a favorite you’ve read in the past.


On Sunday, December 16th, we will start advertising for this event. You can sign up all the way through Sunday, December 23rd at midnight EST. Once we have all the entrants, they’ll be entered into the Secret Santa generator and an email will be sent out on Monday, December 24th to all of our participants with the necessary information to provide your holiday gift!

Ideally, we’d like to see those ebooks land in their new owners’ hands no later than Thursday, December 27th. We’ll be sending out little reminders, but as always… if you need any help, or run into any issues, please contact one of us!!


These will be ebooks only, my loves! The only thing you have to give is your email address and a digital surprise will arrive in your inbox!


That’s an easy one! This is something fun we can do to help build our community. It’s also a great way to get more LGBTQ+ books out into the hands of readers!

But, also… we ask that you take the time, once you’ve read your gift, to leave a review for the author. As we all know, the proof is in the pudding. Reviews mean the world to authors. Not only because it gives them an idea where they’re getting it right, or perhaps where readers want to see more or less of something, but it’s also how they get their books seen. The more reviews a book has, the higher chance it has of being suggested to someone after they finish another book. It provides higher visibility across the board, and it can increase their ranks.

If this was too long, and you don’t wanna read it, see the break down below :)

LGBTQ Secret Santa TLDR.jpg

Remember, my lovelies… please leave a review for the gifted book once you’ve read it! :)