"Mad for You in Madrid," by Stacy Hoff


New Adult (NA) Contemporary Romance

Purchase Link:  Amazon

Purchase Link: Amazon

Book Blurb

Lori Cayne is in a tricky situation. Her public relations job has sent her to Spain for a project that is way over her head. Her task is to convince American tourists to stay at a Madrid hotel. Unfortunately, Lori knows little about public relations and even less about the hotel industry. Dealing with the client, however, will be the real challenge. Hotel magnate Daniel Vega is rich, uber-sexy, and the one-night stand that wasn’t. That’s because Lori had inadvertently stood him up before things got a chance to really heat up. Now Daniel wants nothing to do with her, personally or professionally.

Daniel Vega is none-too-pleased to learn that Lori will be handling his new hotel's publicity campaign. Her flaky ways will be hell on his business, and on him. Yet shutting her out is hard to do when the woman is full of surprises and an even fuller heart. Her good nature makes her willing to do anything for anybody. When Daniel’s brother, Elias, asks Lori to be his fake-fiancée at an important event, Daniel is not surprised when Lori agrees. What he is surprised by is the pang of jealousy. Maybe Lori isn't the only one with personal issues to work out. After all, if Daniel is truly the success he thinks he is, how can off-beat, business greenhorn Lori Cayne emotionally bring him to his knees?

When news of the fake engagement creates a scandal, both Lori’s company and Daniel’s world-wide enterprise may be damaged beyond repair. The damage done to their hearts, however, may be a whole lot worse.

My Review

Mad for You in Madrid by Stacy Hoff is book three in the Building Love Series, but it’s the first of her work I’ve read. I won’t lie, after finishing this, I’m definitely curious what the rest of the series has in store!

This story is a trope-filled delight. It touches on everything from the tried-and-true Cinderella/billionaire plot to the beloved fake fiance shtick (but with a twist!) On top of that, the characters fall comfortably into expected norms, making the tropes all the more familiar, comforting, and downright enjoyable.

This story elicited quite a bit of emotion from me, as a reader. In fact, I devoured it while on a cross-country flight and my seatmate—who also happens to be my supervisor at the day job—wound up asking if I was okay after we landed. The story is filled with near-misses and, “Oh my God, no! What are you doing! Stawp!” moments. It’s also chocked-full of, “Yes! More of that please!” events. I had a blast going on the adventure that is Lori and Daniel’s love affair, stretching all the way from the shining lights of Las Vegas to the foreign and beautiful land of Madrid.

I would recommend this book to anyone who’s looking for an easy-read romance with a satisfying happily-ever-after.

So, what are you waiting for? Mad for You in Madrid is available for purchase today!

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