My New LGBTQ+ Book Blogger Status 🌈: How to Request a Review


Scroll to the bottom to skip my errant ramblings and get straight to the review request form! 😘💕

Hello, my lovelies! For those of you who haven’t heard, I thought I’d make a bit of an “official” announcement. I’m transitioning my blog—which had been a combination of writerly advice and recommendations paired with romance-focused book reviews—to one primarily focused on novel/novella length LGBTQ+ fiction reviews of any genre, heat level, and/or age category (save for children’s and middle grade, as I struggle even with YA at times, so can’t commit to reading and reviewing for something so far out of my personal comfort level as a reader).

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That being said, I thought it would be helpful if I provided a place for my LGBTQ+ writers and allies with LGBTQ+ characters to submit review requests. I also feel it’ll go a long way toward keeping me organized and assuring I can get my weekly reviews posted on time and without complication.

I apologize in advance if the things I request seem a bit much, but here’s where I’m at. I do not believe in giving reviews below a 3.5/5 stars (and really, prefer 4 or above). My goal is to uplift my fellow writers, not tear them down and destroy their writerly souls. However, as I’m hoping you all understand, not everything is for everyone. There are going to be reads I can’t honestly give a high enough rating to make me comfortable reviewing it. Not because I’m hateful, but because I might not personally click with a particular writing style, character, or story line. There is zero offense meant by it, I promise. Not everything is for everyone… and that’s okay! 💕

Because the requests for review slots have been stacking up on me, and I’m pushing people out months and months despite moving from bi-weekly to weekly review availability, I’ve decided to do a bit of legwork (on both our ends) from the get-go. I’d also like to try and avoid last minute “drop-outs” because I have to contact an author and (with much regret in my heart) tell them I can’t review their book baby for personal reasons. This puts a hiccup into things, and also takes a possible review slot from someone I might have connected better with.

So, here goes. I’m implementing a review application, of sorts. Just to be sure we’re a good fit to hopefully avoid any down-the-road issues. 💕😘

TL; DR Version

I’m asking anyone who’s interested in a review to please fill out the following review request form so we can be sure we’re a good fit. I aim to provide quality, honest, and high-rated reviews only. Anything I can’t connect with for any reason will, unfortunately, not be added to my schedule. For your benefit and mine! ❤

Name You Published Under *
Name You Published Under
Please provide whatever website you'd like me to link to in my review.
Tell me how you classify your genre, so I do so appropriately.
Just a round number approximation so I know how big the time commitment will be to read :)
Are You One of the Following? *
My blog focuses on reviewing books by LGBTQ+ authors and allies with LGBTQ+ characters. If your book doesn't apply to any of the following, I'm sorry, but I'm not the blog for you! ::hugs::
Release Date *
Release Date
Can be "expected" if you haven't fully nailed down a date. I'm also open to reviewing older books, so don't let this deter you from continuing!
Please provide a brief synopsis of the book you are requesting I review. It can be first-draft level and riddled with grammatical and editorial errors. I promise, I won't be judging you, I just want an idea of what the story is about. Book blurbs totally work, as long as they give enough story elements to allow an idea of the story, rather than being based purely on intrigue or catchy grab-wording. :)
To be sure we're a good fit, please provide the first five pages of your book—just copy and paste, don't worry about formatting (it'll get wonky... so is the nature of the internet web form beast). It's okay if you go over or under the 5 pages by a bit if it feels right to do so. I just want a snippet of your writing to get a feel for your voice!
If there is any content within your book that might require a trigger warning, please detail below. This includes any non-consensual scenes between MCs or other characters, overt rape (on page or off), suicide, graphic violence, or anything you might think it would be good to provide warning for. It doesn't mean I won't read, I just want to know what I've got coming my way! :) I might discuss a few things in more detail with you before accepting the review.
Book Series
If this is a book in a series, please select an option below to indicate where in the series the book falls and whether it is standalone or not. I will review non-standalone, out of order novels, but do request a brief synopsis of the prior books so I'm not left scratching my head and unable to connect with the characters and storyline.
If you are requesting a review for a book in a series that cannot stand alone and is not book one, please provide a brief synopsis of the previous books so I can connect with your characters and story.
Please provide purchase links to all retail sites your book baby is/will be available on.
If you aren't self-pubbed, please provide a link to your publisher's website so I can link to them in the review, as well.
If there's anything else you want me to know, please use this field to provide that information. For any questions, please contact me via the Contact Me link at the top and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.