"The Lion Lies Waiting," by Glenn Quigley


Historical Fantasy

Book Blurb

Winter, 1780, and the solstice is fast approaching. Four months after the events of The Moth and Moon, burly fisherman Robin Shipp is preparing for his first Midwinter festival with his lover, the handsome baker Edwin Farriner. But when a letter arrives begging for help, they must travel with their friend, Duncan, to Port Knot on sinister Blackrabbit Island for a final confrontation with Edwin’s mother. Also visiting the island are Lady Eva and her wife Iris, with a stunning proposition that could change Robin and Edwin’s lives forever.

The snow-covered harbour town of Port Knot is a dangerous place. While there, Robin, Edwin, and Duncan explore the menacing rooftop settlement known as the Roost, mingle with high society in the magnificent splendour of Chase Manor, and uncover a violent conspiracy threatening the island’s entire way of life.

Old rivalries will flare, shocking secrets will be revealed, and as Duncan’s scandalous past finally catches up with him, will it ultimately destroy them all?

The men will be tested to their limits as they discover that on Blackrabbit Island, the lion lies waiting.

My Review

Okay, my lovelies, I’m super excited about the new direction I’ve decided to take with my reviews! For those of you who haven’t heard, I’ve decided to step away from the general romance focus and instead zero in on LGBTQ+ books of all genres! Which, much to my benefit and yours, opened me to my current review. The Lion Lies Waiting by Glenn Quigley is packed full of LGBTQ+ characters and has an undercurrent of romance, but its main focus is on the stunning historical fantasy world Mr. Quigley created and the many intriguing characters within it.

This is book two in a series put out by Ninestar Press. I’m usually a bit hesitant to read books in a series, unless it’s book one. However, I was thoroughly pleased to find this book did a wonderful job of standing alone. I didn’t find myself confused or left out of sorts because I’d missed the happenings from book one. Instead, the necessary information was carried forward (in a beautifully non-info dumpy kinda way) so I could enjoy book two while still recognizing the impact book one had on their story. In fact, it was done so well, I’m going to go back and read book one, The Moth and Moon, as a pleasure read. 😊

I cannot stress enough how amazing and in-depth Mr. Quigley’s world was built. I got lost in the lore and believed, with all my being, it was a true and real place. I also adored how his large and varied cast of characters intermingled in unexpected and creative ways. Their stories, while separate, always found their way back to one another so the story didn’t feel disjointed or out of sync with itself. I’ll admit, books with more than two POVs can often leave my head reeling and result in a decrease of connection between me and the characters. It’s hard to get into someone’s head and build a link that allows you to care about their experiences when there’s a plethora of characters to try and get to know. However, Mr. Quigley managed to mostly bypass that issue. I was able to “bond” with the main characters, and the scenes with those who didn’t fit that bill were short and informational.

I’ll let it be known, I even messaged Mr. Quigley during my read. My romance-centered heart was crying for the book to take a certain direction he decided not to travel, which of course meant I had to beg and plead to see a resolution in the third book… if such a thing is to exist. 😁😉

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical novels, especially of a fantasy origin. There is just enough adventure and intrigue to keep you turning the pages without detracting from the world and relationship building Mr. Quigley has such a knack for. In addition, his LGBTQ+ characters are written so beautifully and without an excess of outward forces aimed at unnecessarily discriminating or judging who they are as humans. I’m all for addressing the realities of life in fiction, but it’s also a welcome breath of fresh air when LGBTQ+ characters are given stories and adventures not focused on the adversities they face based on their gender/sexuality.

So, what are you waiting for? The Lion Lies Waiting is available for your immediate reading enjoyment. And, even though I haven’t read it yet, I’d highly recommend you sink your teeth into The Moth and Moon first.

Until next time,