"Carmilla and Laura," by SD Simper


Lesbian Victorian Romance

Purchase Links:  Amazon  (Available on Kindle Unlimited!)

Purchase Links: Amazon (Available on Kindle Unlimited!)

Book Blurb

In the late 19th century, Laura lives a lonely life in a schloss by the forest, Styria, with only her doting father and two governesses for company. A chance accident brings a new companion, however – the eccentric and beautiful Carmilla.

With charm unparalleled and habits as mysterious as her history, Carmilla’s allure is undeniable, drawing Laura closer with every affectionate touch and word. Attraction blossoms into a temptation Laura fears to name, a tantalizing passion burning brighter than the fires of hell. But when a mysterious plague begins stealing the lives of young women in her home and the village beyond, Laura wrestles to reconcile the truth – that the gentle, fragile woman she loves may be a monster cast out of heaven.

Carmilla, the classic vampire novella written by J Sheridan LeFanu, receives new life in this gorgeous retelling, centered on the provocative, controversial leads of the original, Carmilla and Laura.

My Review

Okay, guys, first and foremost… holy frickin' hopping frog balls. This book has been an experience. One I am just gonna come out and say right off the bat… you should absolutely repeat for yourself!!! Carmilla and Laura, by SD Simper, is a retelling of a classic vampire novella I haven’t personally read. Ergo, I can’t speak to this re-imagining’s authenticity to the original or in what ways the author might have spiced things up or gone her own direction. All I can say is this was a delightful read. It took some turns I most definitely wasn’t expecting, but they fit the story and only made me love the characters more in the end.

The chemistry between Carmilla and Laura was divine, and the intimate scenes truly felt as such. While, yes, y’all know I’m a fan of erotica and adore me some well done smut, I’m also a huge fan of romance. And Carmilla and Laura? They have some beautiful romantic moments. So many happy little sighs.

I particularly enjoyed being in Laura’s head while she struggled with her growing love. The conflict was done so very, very well, which is why the discovery of Carmilla’s true nature hit as hard as it did. But I won’t delve further. No spoilers here! 😍

Overall, the writing is gorgeous, the story is enthralling, and the characters are lovable. It was a very quick read, one in which I read in one sitting and found myself frowning because it was already over. I am definitely adding SD Simper to my Writers to be Watched list! I would recommend this story to anyone who loves vampires, adores sweet historical romance, and/or who wants a delicious little snack of a book to while away an afternoon.

So, what are you waiting for? Carmilla and Laura is available for purchase today! It’s also available on Kindle Unlimited! 😘👍

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