"Being Neighborly," by Meka James


Contemporary Interracial & Erotic Romance

Purchase Links:  Amazon ,  Barnes & Noble , and straight from the publisher,  Harlequin .

Purchase Links: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and straight from the publisher, Harlequin.

Book Blurb

A broken AC forces Jess Watson outside for a little relief. But when she catches a glimpse of the sexy neighbor directly across from her having—ahem—a private moment, her rising body temperature is no longer due to the weather.

Ryan Branson is amused by the tongue-tied, flustered woman he suspects watched him as he pleasured himself. Intrigued, he sets out to see if her hedonistic desires stop at watching…or if she’d be up for more than loaning him a cup of sugar.

As their sexy encounters escalate, Jess and Ryan put a new spin on getting to know your neighbor. The chemistry between them is strong—but will friends with benefits be enough?

My Review

Voyeurism has never been one of my personal kinks—of which there are many, I’ll admit! 🤣—but this Dirty Bits novella from Carina Press, written by the fantabulous Meka James, may have introduced me to a new fetish. 😁 Being Neighborly is a smoldering erotic romance with a contemporary interracial pairing that’ll have you fanning yourself from page one. Literally.

Our leading lady Jess catches her across-the-courtyard neighbor Ryan pleasuring himself when she escapes the heat of her broken AC by lounging on her patio. And this is only where the story begins, folks. It gets hotter, and yet somehow, also sweeter as the plot unfolds.

Simple by necessity, as the Dirty Bits line are all meant to be short, bite-sized steamy romances, Ms. James still manages to intrigue and build characters with depth and realism. While a good chunk of the words are dedicated to sexy times—do you hear me or anyone who loves erotic romance complaining? I think not—the bits dedicated to character development are strong and well-written, leaving the reader fulfilled and satisfied.

I would highly recommend this smexy novella to anyone who likes a little heat—read: smokin’ hot 🔥—and might be hunting a quick, enjoyable read.

So, what are you waiting for? Being Neighborly is available for your immediate reading pleasure.

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