"Masks," by Amara Lynn


Urban fantasy / gay (M/M) romance

Purchase Links:  Amazon

Purchase Links: Amazon

Book Blurb

Avari has always been a social outcast, which is just fine by him; he has superhuman abilities and hates people. But his lab partner Chayton keeps being so friendly and Avari can't stop staring at his alluring smile.

When he loses control of his abilities, Avari is faced with a startling revelation about himself—one that's both thrilling and dangerous. As Avari seeks to understand Chayton, he finds himself coming out of his shell, and his connection with Chayton grows deeper.

Meanwhile, a mysterious adversary appears who may hold answers to who Avari really is. Fueled by his curiosity, Avari continues his path of destruction—but he can't help wonder if his secrets will tear apart his shaky new bond with Chayton.

MASKS is a 21k urban fantasy, new adult romance novella centering on a gay protagonist.

My Review

Okay, my lovelies, this week’s review is of the super variety. Superhero and supervillain, to be exact! Masks by Amara Lynn falls into the old faithful antihero trope, but with a lovely little twist.


Avari is just your average, everyday college student. Grumpy, anti-social, and protective of his bruised and battered heart. Growing up in an orphanage will do that to a guy, especially when kids (and people in general) are such buttheads sometimes! Enter into the picture the charismatic and endlessly patient Chayton. He’s Avari’s chemistry lab partner and he, too, harbors some secrets that make him sympathetic toward Avari’s easily spotted broken.


I won’t go into much further detail other than to say… Avari isn’t who you think he is and nothing is as it appears. There’s lots of fun little twists and unexpected turns that’ll leave you wanting more… which our lovely author aims to provide!


I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys sweet, mild heat in their gay romance and to anyone who loves superheroes and/or antiheros! You won’t be disappointed.

So, what are you waiting for? Masks is available for your immediate reading pleasure! It’s also available on Kindle Unlimited!

Also… be sure to keep your eyes peeled, as the lovely and amazing Amara Lynn has book two, entitled Raven, due to be released soon!! 📖🎉

Until next time,