"Captain Stellar," by R.J. Sorrento


LGBTQ+ Superhero Sci-Fi Romance

Book Blurb

Cal Bolden is a college dropout working in construction and has difficulty committing to his boyfriend, Jin. On the night of a meteor shower, Cal’s life changes when a genius scientist named Dr. Almighty abducts him, giving him superpowers against his will.

Thrust into a laboratory hidden in Chicago, Cal meets Fernando and Margo, siblings with powers from Dr. Almighty. They promise to train him to reach his full potential. As Cal learns to harness his powers, he becomes attracted to his handsome and mysterious mentor, Fernando.

Caught between Jin’s concerns about his disappearance and his unexpected feelings for Fernando, Cal flees the lab for a life without superpowers. When Dr. Almighty and his team of recruits threaten to attack the city, Cal must face his fears and fight as Captain Stellar before losing the people he loves most.

My Review

This week, I read the debut novel Captain Stellar by R.J. Sorrento. I’ve read tons of snippets by this author on the #writeLGBTQ hashtag, so I was excited to dive in. And Sorrento didn’t disappoint. This was a delightful and unexpected read.

The superhero genre isn’t one I’m familiar with per se. I’ve seen a few of the recent hyped-up major motion pictures from the Marvel and DC Comics universes, but I don’t think I’ve ever read a superhero story. (I did read a novella where the “super villain” was the MC, but this was a first full-length for me!) I found I quite enjoyed the world and the pace kept me interested and turning the page. I enjoyed Sorrento’s style and her characters were easy to love.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a unique read. Especially if you enjoy superheros and “comic book” type world building. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this to someone who was specifically looking for romance because it’s more of a subplot than the focus, but I have a feeling we’re going see more growth and depth to the relationship as Sorrento continues the series.

So, what are you waiting for? Captain Stellar is available for your immediate reading pleasure! It’s also available on Kindle Unlimited!

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