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Before we get started, let's meet the crazy behind the words, shall we?

Hello, brave souls, and welcome to my dark little corner of the world. Okay, maybe not so much dark as well-lived-in and kinda messy. But don’t tell my characters that. I assure them on the reg that my life is just as traumatic and fraught with peril as theirs. It’s the only way they won’t stage a revolt and heave the dreaded writer’s block in front of the door to Evie’s Cocktail Lounge, the cool kids’ hangout inside my brain where I try to shove those noisy buggers whenever I don’t have them playing on the page. Emphasis on the “try.” I know I’m not the only one with perma-chatter running through my noggin at all hours of the day, regardless of my other obligations and would-be-distractions. Like sleep. Yeah, what’s that again?

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