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"The James Dean Vintage," by Jess Whitecroft

Gay (M/M) Romance

It’s been a hot minute since I last read a “fake boyfriend/fiancé/husband” book, but The James Dean Vintage by Jess Whitecroft scratched an itch for just such a tale I hadn’t even realized was there. This was a fun, well-written read that relied heavily on the backbone of its trope yet still managed to find unique ways to shine as a story all its own.

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"The Case of the Desperate Doctor," by Jacqueline Diamond


I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: why in the name of all things good have I been hiding exclusively in Romancelandia for so many years? While, yes, romance is and will always be my favorite genre, I’ve recently discovered a rash of books that fall outside that realm, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them. The Case of the Desperate Doctor (A Safe Harbor Medical Mystery) by Jacqueline Diamond happens to be another shining example.

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"Home Skillet," by Cate Ashwood & Sandra Damien

★ ★

gay (m/M) romance

This was a pleasure read that truly ended up being just that: a total delight. In fact, I downloaded this bad boy on my Kindle with the goal of reading a chapter here and there when I had the time. Next thing I knew, late morning had turned into early evening and I had devoured the whole thing. In one sitting. Yeah, Home Skillet by Cate Ashwood & Sandra Damien is one of those books. The kind you get sucked into and forget to eat, or sleep, or relieve your bladder.

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