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"Lost in Paradise," by Rachel Lacey

F/F Contemporary Romance

Okay, my lovelies, this week’s read found me lost at sea and riding high on adventure, lust, and some super awesome characterization! Lost in Paradise, by Rachel Lacey, is a kick-butt lesbian contemporary romance that jacks up the heat… both literally and metaphorically.

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"Appetites & Vices," by Felicia Grossman

Historical Romance

Happy Valentine’s Day, my lovelies! 💕 I’m so excited to feature this week’s smashingly brilliant historical romance with a Jewish heroine and a smolderingly sexy bad boy hero. Appetites & Vices, by Felicia Grossman—released by Carina Press—as my lovers’ holiday review! It’s a treat and a half, to say the least. It’s also the first in a series, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

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"Valhalla," by L.A. Ashton

Historical Fantasy / Romance

Okay, my lovelies, this week’s review had me positively devouring every last word. When I sat down to start Valhalla by L.A. Ashton—from NineStar Press—I only intended to read the first chapter. I had a million things on my to-do list and simply wanted to spend a little me time with a good book and a cuppa Joe. However, next thing I knew, I was hitting the end and frantically swiping left in hopes of more words miraculously appearing on my phone.

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"Anything Once," by Meka James

Contemporary Interracial & Erotic Romance

This week’s review finds us delving into an established romance written by one of my favorite erotic authors, Meka James. Anything Once, from Limitless Publishing, is a tasty look into the life of a married couple facing real life problems… and hot, sizzlin’ sexual explorations. As always, Ms. James delivers with her erotic scenes, and leaves you swoony-sighing over her romance.

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"Sweat Equity," by Monica McCallan

Contemporary Lesbian Romance

All right, my lovelies, this week’s review was one I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into after chatting with the author and getting a brief synopsis of the story. I knew it was going to be something I’d drool over and devour, and I was correct in that assumption. Upon finishing Sweat Equity by Monica McCallan, I was left with a happy little sigh that carried me through the rest of my evening. I mean, honestly people, this was one of those feel good books we all need in our lives.

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"Meant to be Kept," by Amelia Foster

Contemporary Romance

Okay, my lovelies, I’m extra super-duper excited to do this review, as the author happens to not only be one of my writing group besties, she’s also my in-real-life bestie. I’m so ridiculously proud of Amelia Foster for landing a publishing contract for her debut novel, Meant to be Kept, as well as TWO OTHER CONTRACTS for two separate books set to be released in the next few months! That doesn’t even include the other three books in her Meant To Be series that’ll be forthcoming from Limitless Publishing in the not-too-distant future.

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"The Lion Lies Waiting," by Glenn Quigley

Historical Fantasy

Okay, my lovelies, I’m super excited about the new direction I’ve decided to take with my reviews! For those of you who haven’t heard, I’ve decided to step away from the general romance focus and instead zero in on LGBTQ+ books of all genres! Which, much to my benefit and yours, opened me to my current review. The Lion Lies Waiting by Glenn Quigley is packed full of LGBTQ+ characters and has an undercurrent of romance, but its main focus is on the stunning historical fantasy world Mr. Quigley created and the many intriguing characters within it.

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"Carmilla and Laura," by SD Simper

Lesbian Victorian Romance

Okay, guys, first and foremost… holy frickin' hopping frog balls. This book has been an experience. One I am just gonna come out and say right off the bat… you should absolutely repeat for yourself!!!

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"The Dirty Ones," by J. A. Huss

Romantic Suspense

Okay, guys… I’m going to keep this review short and sweet. Why, you ask? Because, like, aren’t I one of the longest-winded humans you’ve ever met? (Yes, I’m sure I am. I fully own that writerly character flaw. 🤣) The reason is simple: This is one of those books you quite simply MUST read for yourself.

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