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Writing Contests: A Gamble Worth Taking

I’ve been floating in the #amediting limbo. For years.


But that’s all changed. And, why, you may ask? Well, that’s simple. One thing, above all others, has escalated and moved my #amwriting world forward by leaps and bounds. And that, as I’m sure you’ve guessed by the title of this blog, is writing contests.

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Making Every Scene Count: When to Let Go

Writing a griping page-turner—a novel the readers just can’t put down—requires quite a few elements to fall perfectly into place. One of those happens to be the tightness and effectiveness of your scenes. That means each scene has to serve a purpose, and all “fluff” scenes gotta go.

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Sensitivity Readers: Why You Should Never Skip This Step

I’ve already touted the importance of beta readers—and I truly hope each and every one of you utilize these invaluable resources—but the purpose of this blog is to discuss a very specific beta reader niche: sensitivity readers.

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Look Who’s Talking: Dialogue Tags vs. Action Beats

I decided to do a post on this occasionally “controversial” topic because I’ve read a few books lately where it’s painfully obvious no one ever taught the poor soul either the difference between these two, or tips on how best to use them.

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Self-Editing: Guest Blogger Deana Birch bakes us a writing cake

In discussing the subject of my guest blog, Evie gave me one goal. Help Writers. And I want you all to know I am so, so, so about that. As is she. That’s why I love my Evie. I dipped into my relevant pool and came up with, dun dun dun…


Self-editing. Because I just edited the heck out of my next book.

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Starting Off Strong: Tips on Beginning Your Story in the Right Place

We’ve all heard the adage that your first five pages can make or break you, which I have always agreed with to some extent, but my understanding had always been along the lines of, “Make sure your writing sparkles and shines at the beginning so agents/editors/readers get hooked by your brilliance and keep reading.”


I mean, duh. That’s also important, but I was missing the “big picture” boat with that thought process. Hardcore.

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Head Hopping: Save Yourself and Your Readers from the Whiplash

All right, folks, the topic I’m tackling this week is one that’s near and dear to my heart. I promise you, that is not because I’m a fan of it. *cringes, shudders, and generally attempts not to turn green at the writerly gills* The reason I hold it so bizarrely dear is because I used to be an offender of the utmost caliber. I’m talking epically impressive levels. (A little later in this post, I’ll even share a few shining examples. Prepare yourself, it’s ugly.)

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Facing Down Major Re-Writes: How I Survived the Ouch

I have a current work-in-progress (WIP) that I can quite honestly say might not have a single sentence left from its original version. And, yes, I exaggerate on occasion—what writer doesn’t?—but, no, I’m not in this instance.


So, how the heck is that even possible, you ask? Quite easy: it’s seen four—count ‘em, four—major re-writes. I’m not talking simple edits where a scene is removed here, another added over there. I’m talking axing over half the content and starting from the ground up. Over and over and over again.

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