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Totally Judging: Guest Blogger Meka James Talks Book Covers

Hey folks, Meka James here. Evie decided to take a gamble and let me do a guest spot on her blog. I don’t normally do “opinion” pieces and I’m not in the habit of sharing “advice” and things of that nature, but this topic is one that is near and dear to my heart.

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Go Ahead, Take the Plunge: Writing Outside Your Comfort Zone

If you’re anything like me, you have a certain genre where your little writerly heart sings. Sure, different ideas pop into my head from time to time that fall outside that genre, but there’s usually a little something that ties it back to my comfort zone.

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Writing Contests: A Gamble Worth Taking

I’ve been floating in the #amediting limbo. For years.


But that’s all changed. And, why, you may ask? Well, that’s simple. One thing, above all others, has escalated and moved my #amwriting world forward by leaps and bounds. And that, as I’m sure you’ve guessed by the title of this blog, is writing contests.

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Starting Off Strong: Tips on Beginning Your Story in the Right Place

We’ve all heard the adage that your first five pages can make or break you, which I have always agreed with to some extent, but my understanding had always been along the lines of, “Make sure your writing sparkles and shines at the beginning so agents/editors/readers get hooked by your brilliance and keep reading.”


I mean, duh. That’s also important, but I was missing the “big picture” boat with that thought process. Hardcore.

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